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World's Most Expensive Car Wash

If you're a multi-millionaire, you may be able to afford the car wash shown in this awesome video from the UK, but only if you own a Porsche, Lamborgini or Maserati.

This video demonstrates some of the wonderful care Paul Dalton puts into his 52-phasecar wash -- using the rarest of waxes and the best microfiber blankets-- that should last about six months and costs about 5,000 pounds(nearly $10,000).

The most expensive product Dalton uses to keep cars clean: Theultimate car wax made from rare materials only found in northern Brazilcosting more than $11,000 a tub. The one headache that prompts Dalton's customers to call him at a moment's notice for a touchup: Bird droppings.

Makes you wonder if those same car owners spend as much time takingthe good care of their health too. Fortunately, you don't need to bemillionaire to do that, if you take advantage of the free tools available on my Web site.

PunGas.com September 30, 2006

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