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You Can Give Up Your TV

This interesting article describes how one family gave up their television more than 10 years ago, and I can empathize with their choice because I once chose to do the same the thing. In fact, it was several years after George Bush won his first presidency before I ever saw him speak. Although I obtained cable TV service a few years back, the primary purpose was to get my high speed internet service (the price was the same with or without cable TV).

I believe the average American watches 3-4 hours of TV per day, but I don't personally know anyone who would ever admit it. However, that's nearly a month's worth of TV time for me. More than 90 percent of my TV time is spent watching health videos I need to review.

As the article discusses, it is very clear the powers that be are using television to influence the minds of the public for their own purposes. Fortunately, we have access to the Internet and people, especially many younger folks, are radically decreasing their TV time and shifting over to the Web which is far more difficult for the interests for the powers that be to control.

The greatest argument for limiting your family time in front of a television: The completely adverse effect it can have on your child's health and, specifically, preventing the spread of childhood obesity.


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