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The Connection Between Sugary Soft Drinks and Mental Health Problems

Because sugar can harm your health in a multitude of ways, I'm not surprised to learn European teens who drank more soft drinks -- one of the worst things anyone can consume -- suffered far more mental health problems than the norm.

Norwegian researchers surveyed more than 5,000 15- and 16-year-oldsabout their soft drink habits then had them complete a questionnairethat evaluates one's mental health. No surprise, most teens drankanywhere from one to six soft drinks a week.

Kids who drank the most soft drinks per week -- more than six-- had the most mental problems out of all groups. And, as teens drankmore soft drinks, they experienced an escalating amount of symptomsrelated to hyperactivity too. The group who experienced theworst health problems: The 10 percent of the boys and 2 percent of thegirls polled drank four soft drinks or more per day.

Just a reminder, these results didn't account for anything but thesugar load in the soft drinks teens consumed, meaning cancer-causingchemicals like benzene weren't even considered.

Probably, the easiest thing anyone can do to start his or herjourney toward optimizing their health is to stop drinking soft drinkstoday. Knowing such habits are so terribly hard to break, I stronglyrecommend considering learning about Turbo Tapping, an effective variation of the Emotional Freedom Technique, the energy psychology tool used daily in my practice.

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