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UK Cancer Rates Rising Fast

Just as cancer unseated heart disease as the leading killer among Americans under age 65 last year, breast cancer and prostate cancer rates across the pond in the UK are soaring.

Over a 33-year period ending in 2004, the incidence of breast cancer has skyrocketed some 81 percent, now accounting for a third of all cancers diagnosed among women. Moreover, the rate of prostate cancer (the most common cancer among British men) has doubled since 1990.

British health officials aren't as alarmed as you might expect,partly because the mortality rate among breast cancer patients hasdropped by 20 percent since 1989. And, like the American Cancer Society,British officials rather reflexively gave the same advice for curbingcancer, namely regular exercise, a national screening program andbetter nutrition, but not much more.

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BBC News September 29, 2006