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Premature Births Now The Leading Cause of Infant Deaths in America

Earlier this year, I warned you about the alarming 30 percent rise in premature births in the United States, amounting to one out of every eight babies, and how the risk of complications increase dramatically the earlier a child is born.

This recent boom in premature births is now responsible for a third of all infant deaths in America, nearly doubling previous estimates by the CDC. So it's no wonder, the United States ranks 23rd among all industrialized nations in infant mortality.

The blame for these problems run the gamut from smoking, infertilitytreatments and drug use to genetic factors and even prior abortions.Perhaps, the real reason for premature births has more to withsomething mothers aren't getting: The optimal amount of a high quality fish oil daily.

The best and purest source I've found to date is a high-quality krill oil made from krill harvested in the clean waters of the Antarctic that I sell in my Web store.

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