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With the Flu Season Coming, Are People Getting Wiser About Vaccines?

The answer to that rhetorical question posed in the headline above isn't one that'll please the Centers for Deceit Control. Based on estimates issued yesterday by the agency, only about a thirdof the children in the United States between 6 months and age 2 arevaccinated for the flu, a much lower figure than reported from statehealth agencies (48 percent).

Perhaps, that's the reason why medical "experts" widened the age range for flu jabs among children to age 5 starting this year...

Some argue low vaccination rates can be attributed to many people not taking the flu very seriously, and, considering the pandemic that never happenedthe last time, you can't blame them either. But that hasn't stoppedstates from wasting your tax dollars on useless, harmful drugs thatonly benefit "fat cat" stockholders like Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Defense Secretary who formerly headed the company that developed the worthless flu drug Tamiflu.

I suspect that growing hesitance to vaccinate for the flu also hasvery much to do with parents recognizing the considerable harm mercury and various other toxins can do to their children.

Yahoo News October 4, 2006