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More Confusing, Deceptive Milk Marketing

Interestinghow competition for shelf space at your neighborhood grocery store ischanging how dairy producers make and market milk, according to thisinteresting New York Times piece, even though the end results still aren't fit to drink.

Producers, looking to position themselves pricewise betweenconventional and organic milk, are selling hormone-free milk from cowsnot treated with Posilac,the bioengineered rBST hormone produced by Monsanto that may accountfor some of the rise in the births of fraternal twins in America.

Unfortunately for some marketers, the FDA also requires producersthat advertise hormone-free milk to include a disclaimer statingthere's no difference between milk treated, or not, with Posilac. Ofcourse, cartons of regular, average milk made with these unnaturalhormones carry no labels warning consumers they contain substances linked to an increased risk of cancer or that the cows given these hormones may be given more antibiotics than others.

All this jockeying for shelf space obscures the real fact, however, that no conventionally produced pasteurized milk -- no matter how many chemicals dairy producers remove -- is good for you at all, which may explain why raw milk consumption is growing.

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