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You Are Being Ripped Off by Much of the ''Organic'' Food You're Buying

This great review by Business Week documents the progressive declinein the quality and meaning of the organic label. One of their examplesis Stonyfield Farm yogurt which abandoned its organic farm in NewHampshire long ago and now gets its milk in powdered form. Yes, you read that correctly: Powdered milk exported from 9,000 miles away in New Zealand.

You can bet your bottom dollar making powder out of milk is one ofthe worst things you can to do to it after pasteurization. Nearly allof the biologic value of the milk is removed. Once that happens,"organic" Stonyfield Farm yogurt sitting on your grocery store shelf isnot much more of a health food than a can of soda. It is so far removed from the real deal, it is a pathetic tragedy.

Consumers pay huge amounts for what should be a health food but aregetting ripped off in a major way. The best yogurt is obtained from grass-fed cows that are NOT fed any grains. This will optimize the fatty acid balance and improve its CLA content. Then, avoid adding sugar to flavor it like Stonyfield does.

You will want to consume the milk in its raw formand certainly not put in a powder. Raw grass-fed milk is the truehealth food that will move your body to vibrant health, not the factoryfarmed organic crap that Stonyfield is selling.

Additionally, the major corporations like Wal-Mart, Dean Foods,General Mills, Unilever, Mars, Kraft and Kellogg have jumped in to reapsome of the fat margins that are present in organic foods. You can betthey will keep the prices high and lower the quality and take the extraprofit for their bottom line. In the meantime, you are getting ripped off again.

The organic label has become virtually meaningless as a sign of quality. Your only solution is to seek out LOCALsuppliers of healthy food where you can actually get to know the peoplewho are growing your food. You can start to find some of thesesuppliers in an article I wrote earlier this year.

BusinessWeek Online October 16, 2006