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The Power of Prayer Across Generations

I remind you often about the power of prayer and all the good it can do for your health, of course, if you let it happen. This interesting first-person account describes how a prayer passed down through family generations brings comfort and joy even in the saddest of times.

As the story goes, the writer overheard the end of an emotional conversation between a mother and daughter in an airport, wherein both wished the other "enough." After the daughter left, the writer approached the mother who had probably seen her daughter for the very last time, asking what wishing you "enough" meant.

The mother's emotional answer, with a smile, was a prayer handed down from her parents to be shared with loved ones. In the form of a blessing, the prayer urges that other person to enjoy a life filled with "just enough good things to sustain them."

True, praying for others may not be as powerful, because the person for whom you're praying may not be able to overcome their often negative belief systems. This definitely wasn't the case here.

SoulCast October 9, 2006