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The Toxic Waste of Antibacterial Soaps

Last week, I reminded you about one of the best preventatives to keep your immune system strong against colds and the flu: Washing your hands. And all you need to fight them is plain soap and water, not an antibacterial soap filled with synthetic compounds that can harm you and our environment.

I've warned you previously about triclosan, a synthetic chemical used since the 60s in soaps, dishwashing liquids, detergents and toothpaste that eventually creates antibiotic-resistant germs. Much of this interesting Mother Earth News piece reviews another popular and potentially toxic antimicrobial, triclocarban (TCC).

The big concern about TCC comes after we rid our hands of it. Some three-quarters of the TCC in soaps and other products never breaks down, even after common water treatment methods, so it accumulates in surface water and municipal sludge. Another huge concern: Because sludge is often applied to American crops as a fertilizer, TCC could also be tainting our food.

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Mother Earth News October-November 2006

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