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Trans Fats Bans May Save Your Life

This article from the New York Times about bans on trans fats popping up throughout the nation couldn't have come at a better time, as it serves as a welcome postscript to a piece I wrote earlier this week about restaurants, a home away from home for so many consumers.

Although there's no argument about how much trans fats can harm your health, there's been considerable debate among conventional health experts whether they should be banned altogether.

The mere fact that there's even a debate about trans fats is crazy, considering their removal would likely prevent more than 225,000 heart attacks annually in America alone, says Harvard's Dr. Walter Willett. Just in New York City, a ban on trans fats might prevent an estimated 500 deaths a year.

And, a trans fat ban, Willett says, would be a perfect non-drug solution for regulating cholesterol that works as well as a mild statin. Another means to improve your HDL cholesterol without the need for a worthless statin drug: Taking a high-quality fish or krill oil daily.

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