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Psoriasis Can Triple Your Heart Attack Risks

You may be surprised to learn psoriasis, a common disease and a common one that affects as many as 3 percent of all adults, may be responsible for tripling your risk of a heart attack, particularly if you're under age 50.

These findings were based on five years of medical data collected onsome 700,000 British patients, including 18 percent with psoriasis and4,000 with severe symptoms, in their 40s, and only after screening forother problems.

A bit surprising, but it's true a 30-year-old patient with psoriasis taking a conventional medication has a 300 percent greater chance of succumbing to a heart attack, while a 60-year-old's risks grew by just 36 percent.

I suspect the incidence of psoriasis has much to do with a lack ofdaily sunshine exposure that prevents your skin from generating the vitamin D your body vitally needs. And, it makes sense, considering the lack of vitamin D contributes to congestive heart failure too. You'll also want to review Dr. Carolyn Dean's recommendations -- among them boosting your omega-3 fatty acid levels -- to treat psoriasis safely and effectively.

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