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Why Women Shouldn't Drink Coke or Pepsi

The Center for Science in the Public Interest may have nailed it when they petitioned the FDA last year for a cigarette-style warning about the health hazards associated with soft drinks, especially for women, according to a new study linking cola consumption to weaker bones.

Researchers studied the medical data of some 2,500 men and women(average age 60) to compare the consumption of soft drinks with bonedensity in the spine and hips. Regardless of age, menopause and totalcalcium and vitamin D intake, women who specifically drank colas(meaning Coca-Cola, Pepsi and the like) experienced lower bone mineraldensity in the hips, but not their spines.

The possible origin of the problem: Women who drank more colas also consumed less calcium and phosphorus. Also, colas contain phosphoric acid that inhibits the absorption of calcium and increases its excretion, not to mention caffeine.

Studies like this one prove, beyond a doubt, one of the best and easiest things you can do to improve your health immediately is to stop consuming all soft drinks. And, if you have trouble kicking the habit, try Turbo Tapping, an effective variation of the Emotional Freedom Technique.

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