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Consumers Turning to Local Farmers Instead of Supermarkets

Some great news for your health and your taste buds: More and more people are turning to locally grown foods instead of mass-produced supermarket fare, saying the local foods are tastier, fresher and safer. And experts predict that the popularity of farmers' markets, direct farm-to-consumer sales and restaurants that buy locally is expected to increase as well.

Already, the organic food market is a $9-billion industry, and is expected to grow about 20 percent a year. And in 2004, about 79 percent of organic farmers were selling their harvests within 100 miles of their farms, with word-of-mouth as their marketing strategy.

Above all else, consumers like the "personal connection" that allows them to see where their food is coming from -- and know that it's grown sustainably and with healthy farming methods. So rather than rely on produce that may travel more than 1,500 miles to reach your dinner table, why not support a local farmer who's produce is probably of much higher quality? Here are some great resources to obtain this type of wholesome food, which supports not only you but also the environment.

New York Times October 13, 2006 (Free Registration Required)



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