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The Importance of Forgiveness for Your Mind and Body


Using the Amish schoolhouse tragedy as an example, clergy and other scholars are reminding Americans of the importance of forgiveness -- an act that's become more of a rarity in U.S. life.

As I've said in the past, not being able to forgive will hinder your health, and the experts point out that the more you forgive, the more physical and mental health benefits, as well as benefits to your relationships and well-being, you'll experience.

Experts say it's so hard for many to forgive because we're out of practice, while in the Amish community forgiveness is a "daily, concerted practice." Not forgiving, they say, allows us to hold on to a victim status, a sense of entitlement and superiority, while forgiving takes compassion, empathy and awareness of our own sins.

If you find that you have trouble with forgiveness, there are techniques that can help. I have found Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to be a very powerful tool to help many authentically achieve forgiveness at the subconscious level where it really makes a difference.

USA Today October 12, 2006

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