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Who Killed the Electric Car?


If you've ever wondered what happened to electric cars (or why there aren't more of them on the road), the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?" will explain everything. This film chronicles the introduction and later destruction of General Motors' EV1, an electric car that was discontinued after only a few years, at a time when thousands of perfect-condition electric vehicles were destroyed (despite a strong activist movement to save them).

The film is an investigation into all the potential "suspects" that contributed to the electric car's demise, from automobile manufacturers to consumers to the oil industry. After all, if electric vehicles ever caught on, both the oil industry and the automobile industry as we know it today would be threatened.

"Who Killed the Electric Car?" is definitely worth viewing, and someone put this up on Google Video, so you don't have to rent this movie. You can also check out this interesting Q&A with Chelsea Sexton, a former GM employee who worked with the EV1 and is featured in the film.

Google Video: Who Killed the Electric Car? (Free Full-Length Movie)

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