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Dangerous Omega-3 Deficiencies Tied to Violence

An interesting review of studies in today's Guardian illustrates the effect better nutrition can play in curbing violent behavior, and without drugs too.

Most notable is an ongoing clinical trial being held in America that demonstrates how the simple use of omega-3 rich fish oil can turn around the mental health, and, subsequently, the life of an ex-convict.

Wisely, the scientist overseeing the American study said the benefits of the omega-3 trial aren't "a miracle" if one understands how the brain works and recognizes processed foods are virtually bereft of all the nutrients your body needs.

The trick about fish oil is taking a high-quality product that doesn't contain high levels of mercury and PCBs. One of the best sources you could use: Krill oil that's mercury-free and full of beneficial omega-3 fats. If you're unable to find a high quality krill oil that meets your needs at your local health food store, consider the brand I carry in my Web store.

Guardian Unlimited October 17, 2006