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Finally, Science Starts to Challenge Lower Cholesterol Craziness

More researchers are questioning the aggressive recommendations set two years ago by the National Cholesterol Education Program that urge heart disease patients to reduce their LDL cholesterol levels by taking worthless statin drugs.

The scientists, in this latest paper appearing in the Annals of Internal Medicine, argue there's no evidence to support these low numbers. Moreover, they are concerned those two or three statin drugs patients that are prescribed to a patient for high cholesterol can do more harm than good in the long run.

After reviewing all the studies that evaluated the relationship between LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular problems in patients with levels under 130, researchers found no studies that showed a specific target was important. And studies that had tried to prove otherwise were deeply flawed.

Rather than support the evil marketing geniuses at work selling you drugs your body and pocketbook don't need, reduce your cholesterol safely by following these simple steps:

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