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Does a ''Safe'' Prescription Drug Exist?

Considering all the mistakes made at your corner pharmacy each month that can kill you, it's not at all surprising to learn more than 700,000 Americans make a trip to the emergency room every year thanks to an accidental overdose or allergic reaction to a prescription drug.

And, according to the study in today's Journal of the American Medical Association that tracked adverse drug events at 63 American hospitals, 16 of the 18 drugs linked to adverse reactions have been used for more than two decades. Patients over age 65 suffered the most risks. Seniors were seven times more likely than younger patients to be admitted to a hospital and more than twice as likely to be treated in the emergency room.

Even worse, because drug reactions are misdiagnosed pretty often, researchers strongly believe their 700,000 estimate is a conservative one. The drugs that send patients most often to the emergency room:

  • Amoxiciliin
  • Insulin
  • Warfarin

Just more evidence heaped atop more evidence that demonstrates without a doubt why our modern health care system is also the leading cause of death.

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