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Grape Seed Extract Stops the Growth of Cancer

Evidently, resveratrol is only one of more natural disease-fighting compounds found in grapes, as researchers have discovered the mechanism found in grape seed extract that naturally inhibits the growth of colorectal tumors in mice and cell cultures.

After first exposing grape seed extract to two different kinds of human carcinoma cells, researchers discovered a dose- and time-dependent inhibition of cell growth. For example, live cancer cells that were exposed for the longest time -- about two days -- decreased by 92 percent when given the highest dose.

Grape seed extract also increased the availability of Cip1/p21, an important protein in tumors that freezes the cell cycle and causes a cancer cell to self-destruct.

The results were just as impressive on live mice, implanted with advanced colorectal cancer cells and given grape seed extract (at a dosage larger than a human would receive) via a feeding tube. After only eight weeks, the volume of tumors decreased by 44 percent. Even better, despite the higher doses, the mice suffered no side effects.

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EurekAlert October 18, 2006

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