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Treat Chronic Disease By Changing Your Environment

As part of USA Today's week-long series on what to do about America's out-of-control health care costs, experts are turning to more natural solutions, with the help of urban planners in Philadelphia.

   Researchers from America and the UK have joined in a social experiment with a huge medical upside: Offer easy access to healthful foods to an urban neighborhood where little to no options currently exist, save processed, fast and trans-fatty foods.

This experiment has nothing to do higher insurance premiums, no insurance or newer, more wonderful drugs, and everything to do with the real heart of the health care conundrum. It's all about trading a dangerous cure-based mentality fueled by unnecessary toxic drugs and procedures that may kill you for one focused on treating the true causes of disease safely and naturally.

The facts are so compelling, even the CDC's director of prevention and health promotion can't ignore them. "Two-thirds of the deaths and 80 percent of the cost of health in this country are associated with chronic disease. This country is dramatically moving in the wrong direction."

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USA Today October 18, 2006