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Beating a Speeding Ticket After You Get One

If you can't afford the world's best radar detector and like to drive fast, someday you'll catch the eye of a state trooper who can't wait to write you a speeding ticket.

But that doesn't mean you can't beat one anyway, according a law student who has successfully avoided 30 speeding tickets in his short life, often by treating police officers and the people who work in local jurisdictions like human beings and appealing to their generosity.

What follows are a few of the basic tips -- mixing law and persuasion -- for beating tickets, but check out the link below for the full list.

  • Develop a good rapport with the police officer immediately by not displaying a combative attitude.
  • After politely dispensing with all the formalities -- giving the officer the information he or she needs with the right attitude -- ask the officer if you can see the radar gun.
  • Plead your case, only after you've reviewed the basics with the officer and developed a rapport, but don't grovel.
  • If the above steps fail, appeal to the officer's emotions by giving him or her a call or writing a letter afterward, and be professional, civil and sincere in your approach.

Lifehacker.com October 19, 2006