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FDA Close to Approving The Sale of Cloned Milk, Beef

Over the past three years, there's been hints here and there about a crazy plan by the FDA to approve the sale of milk and meat made from cloned animals. A final and likely positive decision is expected by year's end, according to news reports.

In the past two weeks, advocacy groups have filed petitions with the FDA asking the agency to review one kind of cloned farm animal at a time in an attempt to slow down the approval process considerably. Many folks fail to realize, however, if the FDA chooses to review cloned animals as it allegedly does prescription drugs -- remember the spray-on viruses for processed meats? -- it'll be a "rubber stamp" process at best.

So far, American consumers aren't buying it either, according to the Consumer Federation of America. Surveys by Gallop and the Pew Institute show consumers oppose animal cloning and wouldn't buy meat and milk from Frankenstein-like creations even if the FDA and the government said it was safe.

No wonder, so many more consumers by the day are flocking to healthier organic foods, suppliers are having an increasingly difficult time keeping up with the demand. To find inexpensive sources of locally grown, organic foods in your part of the world -- and take a big step toward optimizing your health -- I urge you to review this short list of links today.

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