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Daily Show Video of Most Amazing Junk Food You Have Ever Seen

In a sequel of sorts to a story I posted last year comparing the dangers of toxic drugs to the threat of terrorists, you'll want to watch this short YouTube video from The Daily Show lampooning good ol' "American ingenuity" that kills you faster and more efficiently than anything a terrorist can do.

Best piece of ingenuity comes in the form of a recent brand of processed food from nationally known sausage maker Jimmy Dean (now owned by Sara Lee Foods): Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick. And it comes in three totally artificial flavors too.

No wonder some people, me included, regard the development of trans fats and hydrogenation to be the twin horsemen of our metabolic apocalypse.

All joking aside, Americans spend 90 percent of their allotted food budget on processed foods no healthier than this one, and that's a prescription for disaster. Fact is, to achieve optimal health, you must reverse that ratio of raw foods to 90 percent of your total daily food intake.

YouTube.com October 19, 2006