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If You Eat Lots of Bread, You Increase Your Risk of Deadly Kidney Cancer

One more reason to strongly consider giving up grains, besides all the other important ones I've discussed in the past: Eating high amounts of bread, and, to a more modest extent, pasta and rice has been connected to renal cell carcinoma (RCC) , the most common form of kidney cancer that accounts for 2 percent of all cancers.

Italian researchers compared the health of some 760 adults with RCC to twice as many patients without it (matching each cancer patient to two controls based on age, gender and where they lived), by conducting extensive medical histories and charting the average weekly consumption of 78 foods.

Patients who consumed the most bread were at the highest risk for RCC by far (a 1.94 odds ratio), while pasta and rice were slightly less harmful (1.29). The association between grains and cancer shouldn't surprise you at all, considering more than 85 percent of Americans have trouble controlling their insulin levels because so many patients are addicted to bagels, pizza and waffles and would die rather than give them up.

Among the foods associated with a decreased risk of RCC are all vegetables, and, I suspect, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage that can jump-start the natural DNA repair of cells that prevents cancer.

Keep in mind, however, your body's unique nutritional type will exert a great deal of influence on which foods are best to eat and broccoli may not be right for you. What's important is to listen to your body, and nobody else -- including me or any scientist -- and trust that God provided you with the tools you need to stay healthy.

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