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Another Natural Remedy for Alzheimer's?

In just another sign conventional medicine is turning to more natural solutions to treat a growing number of health issues, the University of North Carolina hospitals is currently participating in a national clinical trial to test the effect of Chinese club moss on dementia and Alzheimer's patients.

Although club moss is sold as a supplement in many American health food stores, it's currently used in China to treat cognitive problems. Patients participating in the American study receive a placebo or Huperzine A, an alkaloid extract from Chinese club moss. After the placebo phase, all patients are prescribed Huperzine A for eight weeks and can continue taking it after that time period ends if they choose.

This current study is merely one of a growing number centered on complementary and alternative solutions, and there's more to come: The National Institutes of Health has budgeted some $300 million for research.

Some very safe and very natural treatments that can prevent Alzheimer's before it starts:

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