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Better Sleep Habits Reduce Childhood Obesity Risks

If all those modern tech tools -- cellular phones, computers and TVs -- you take for granted in this seemingly 24/7 environment in which we live (not to mention a lengthy commute to and from work) prevent you from getting the right amount of sleep every night, imagine how it affects your children and their growing waistlines, according to a new report.

Researchers believe sleep -- specifically a lack of it in children -- is just as harmful to kids as it is to adults. In fact, lab studies have determined just two or three nights without the proper amount of sleep impairs hormones, likely interfering with a young body's natural production of leptin among other things.

Moreover, scientists have tracked a particularly "robust" linear dose-response relationship" between sleep, or the lack of it, and obesity. And this epidemic is getting worse by the day...

Can you imagine your children not outliving you? Some simple guidelines that address this mounting problem, without a drug:

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