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Cellular Phones May Harm Male Fertility

Just as the electromagnetic fields emitted from a cellular phone may harm your brain, men who use their mobiles four hours a day or longer could be harming their sperm, according to a new study. That said, the lead researcher was quick to dismiss any link between semen quality, even though the evidence collected from some 350 men in 2004 and 2005 speaks otherwise.

Most males participating in the study had sperm counts far above the low end of normal (20 million sperm per milliliter). However, sperm counts varied depending on how often men used their cellular phones. For example, cell phone users who exceeded four hours per day had the lowest sperm counts (66 million) versus those who never used them at all (86 million).

The suggested causes of the problem, according to researchers: Radiation emitted from a mobile may harm sperm by damaging its DNA which, in turn, affects how a man's testes produce testosterone or the tubes where sperm is made.

Considering some 750 million cellular phones will be sold this year, and all the health problems associated with them cropping up with greater regularity, protect your body by putting some distance between you and your phone by using a headset. If you've had trouble finding a safe, comfortable headset, you may want to consider the model I sell in my Web store, equipped with an air tube that blocks radiation from traveling to your brain.

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