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Sunshine: The Newest Natural Weapon Against Asthma

The number of reports surfacing just in the past two years about the benefits of daily sunshine -- that helps your body naturally generate vitamin D -- have been so truly amazing, it probably shouldn't be any surprise measured doses may naturally reduce the development of asthma-like symptoms.

Australian researchers tested the powerful effect of sunshine on mice infected by a common allergen after exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light for up to a half-hour. Not only did mice, exposed to UV light, experience fewer asthma-like symptoms, this exposure also generates cells with the very same immunity that could be transferred to other mice and delivering the same protection, even to animals who didn't get any sunshine at all.

However, as the days get shorter in the Northern Hemisphere, especially with the end of Daylight Savings Time this weekend, getting your daily dose of sunshine can be a problematic at best. If you live in a wintry area like I do that prevents you from getting lots of sun as temperatures dip, I would take oral vitamin D -- in the form of a high quality cod liver oil -- and have your blood levels checked regularly.

Sunshine is merely one of many natural tools at your disposal to fight asthma, eliminating any need to take a toxic drug that may kill you.

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