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KFC Beats McDonald's to Trans Fats Ban

Today, another worldwide fast-food restaurateur -- Kentucky Fried Chicken -- joined the growing ranks of businesses banning the use of artificial trans-fatty cooking oils, coming on the heels of the first public meeting by the New York City's Board of Health about a city-wide ban.

Company spokespeople report the rollout has begun at many of KFC's 5,500 locations on fried chicken, Potato Wedges and other menu items. Unfortunately, the move by KFC merely substitutes one big problem (partially hydrogenated soybean oil) for another (linolenic soybean oil).

Nevertheless, KFC's move is a small step in the right direction, also taken recently by Wendy's. Makes you wonder when McDonald's will ever get around to making good on their three-year-old promise to sell trans-fat free foods one day.

When it comes to optimizing your health, just don't forget not to blame the availability of fatty, fried, fast foods for all those extra pounds you're carrying. The problem has never been in our ability to distinguish healthy from unhealthy. Instead, it lies in our desire to choose healthy options over unhealthier ones. The failure to do this is what makes people unhealthy, not what is or isn't available at Burger King or Denny's.

Yahoo News October 30, 2006