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Medical Experts Exaggerate The Benefits of Harmful Flu Vaccines

With fall temperatures dropping in the Northern Hemisphere, conventional medical minds turn their attention to seasonal flu and promoting the heck out of worthless, dangerous vaccines filled with "trick-or-trick" additives -- think mercury and aluminum hydroxide -- your mind and body certainly doesn't need.

Considering the huge amounts of time and money wasted on promoting vaccines, a new study financed by the Cochrane Library argues, wisely, there's little hard evidence to support their use. In fact, much of the data researchers found was flawed, probably because flu strains mutate from year-to-year, making it difficult at best to measure how well vaccines truly work.

The only accurate way to judge the real worth of vaccines was through systematic reviews. Even then, however, scientists discovered flu vaccines had little impact on mortality rates, time away from work or hospital stays for healthy patients under age 65. And, this research doesn't take into account all the damage done to babies and young children thanks to autism either.

Your best bets for avoiding the flu safely and naturally: Review the simple guidelines I posted earlier this year, and stay away from health professionals bearing flu shots.

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