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Be Careful: Store-Bought Guacamole Dip May Have Less Than 2% Avocado

Can you imagine buying guacamole dip without its main ingredient, the avocado? No need to, as many mass-produced blends of guacamole contain less than 2 percent of an avocado, and, even then, that may come in the form of a powder, according to a recent investigation of food labels by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Some of the real ingredients contained in many mass-produced guacamole dips: Partially hydrogenated oils made from soybeans and coconuts and artificial dyes (yellow no. 5 and blue no. 1). By the way, one dip maker -- Herr's -- doesn't even use avocados.

Just a reminder, the game of "bait and switch" is one food manufacturers play with your health in plain sight, as nearly half of all Americans will still buy a processed food item no matter what unnatural ingredients are listed on the label...

Even if you are careful and observant, however, the U.S. House recently approved a bill intended to bring uniformity to food labeling that, in the process, also neuters state laws on food safety labeling.

Lawyers and Settlements August 9, 2006