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Federal, State Regulators Target Raw Milk Sources

Just as the consumption of raw milk is growing in America, so are heavy-handed attempts by state officials in some states to kill it.

Fact is, it's gotten so crazy, the Michigan Agriculture Dept. and state police confiscated some $7,000 worth of food being distributed by a Midwestern food coop. What's more, the FDA and Indiana Board of Animal Health sent investigators twice to the Amish farmer who produces raw milk for the small coop.

Even friendly retailers providing space to this coop are feeling the heat. Because one small Ann Arbor grocer was served cease and desist orders last week from Michigan's Agriculture Dept. to prevent the coop from distributing raw milk and organic food to his customers in a warehouse behind his store, others are shying away from it for fear of losing their businesses.

Of course, the intimidating wrath of state and federal regulators hasn't yielded charges against anyone for anything yet. Unfortunately, that's often all it takes to squelch a movement.

Just remember, despite all the health myths they like to throw around, pasteurized milk producers can't claim their worthless health-harming products reduce the incidence of eczema or hay fever. Only raw milk is responsible for those benefits...

BusinessWeek.com October 25, 2006