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Health Officials All Over the World Mysteriously Supporting the Vaccine Safety Scam

Interesting how, on the heels of the latest CDC study reconfirming the safety of flu vaccines given to babies -- likely tainted by the mercury-laden preservative thimerosal in addition to conflicts of interest -- four Israeli adults (ranging in age from 52-76) died unexpectedly after receiving jabs from the same pool last week.

After a one-day moratorium on flu vaccinations, however, the Israeli Health Ministry lifted the ban just as mysteriously, with the country's health minister receiving a flu shot at the end of a live TV news conference. Of course, the minister's own experts dismissed any "nonsense" that the toxic load of vaccines had anything to do with the deaths of those middle-aged Israelis.

Who's behind the toxic vaccines that killed Israelis? Sanofi-Aventis, the drugmaker that was recently cited for contamination problems at one of its American manufacturing facilities.

With the flu season approaching, you'll be seeing and hearing all sorts of fear-mongering from "experts," but don't be alarmed. Before it comes, review my list of guidelines for preventing the flu, none of which includes taking a drug.

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