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Can You Believe Anti-Smoking Ads That Encourage Kids to Smoke?

Despite all the evidence smoking is one of the more damaging things you can do to your body and pocketbook, teens are still becoming addicted to "cancer sticks." And the reasons why may exist right under our very noses...

All those TV ads designed by tobacco companies to discourage smoking, based on a study of some 100,000 American teens, don't do a lick of good at best and, in some cases, may encourage this nasty habit!

Researchers compared the airing and frequency of company-sponsored smoking ads from 1999-2002 and if they were seen by teens (ages 12-17) in major American media markets, with surveys collected from teens living 48 states during that same time regarding their opinions about tobacco. No surprise, there was absolutely no connection between those TV ads and their beliefs or intentions about smoking.

Makes great sense, since a former Philip Morris director of its youth prevention campaigns testified in one trial the true goal of these programs was merely to delay teens from smoking, but never completely dissuade them from doing so, until they turned 18.

Your best option, if you're struggling to quit or trying to help a loved one, is complete abstinence, of course, with the help of the Emotional Freedom Technique, the effective energy psychology tool used daily in my practice.

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