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Celiac Disease: Commonly Missed or Misdiagnosed by Conventional Medicine

Last year, I told you about the needless treatments thrown at children in a British hospital for severe and unexplained abdominal pains, Then, I warned you the abdominal problems were probably the result of gluten intolerance, a microcosm of conventional medicine's inability to recognize the real problem right in front of them.

Apparently, this very same scenario is playing out all over America too. "Conventional" wisdom, as recent as a decade ago, assumed celiac disease affected only one out of some 10,000 patients. A report from the National Institutes of Health two years ago, however, blew that guesstimate out of the water, as about 2 million Americans suffer from celiac disease.

This informative USA Today piece describes the frustrating plight of a number of families whose children were misdiagnosed for years, including one severe case in which one sibling stopped growing and the other suffered from asthma and anemia and couldn't gain weight normally.

Based on my experience, gluten intolerance is a common problem that can be treated very easily by eliminating gluten and most grains from your daily diet.

USA Today November 1, 2006