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New Pfizer Drug Causes More Problems Than It Solves

Clearly, torcetrapib is one of the wackiest drugs I have ever seen. A drug that? raises good cholesterol is merely Big Pharma's feeble attempt to artificially? have their cake and eat it too.

What conventional medicine absolutely fails to understand, however, ?is that increases in good cholesterol occur naturally when one follows? a healthy lifestyle that encompasses eating the right foods for their nutritional type ?and appropriate exercise.

Are there genetic anomalies that can change this? Certainly, but those?are few and very far between. The odds are far less than one in 1,000 that? there is a genetic cause.

What Pfizer is seeking to do with torcetrapib is to lower a patient's heart disease ?risk by replicating the EFFECT, not the CAUSE. This is an unmitigated prescription for disaster and the elevation of blood pressure they are seeing in this drug is only the first of many other problems that will ?invariably crop up over time.

The primary difference between torcetrapib and the Vioxx catastrophe: Vioxx was being used to treat an acute problem like pain, while this new?drug is designed solely to lower the risk of heart disease. The ?ultimate irony is that, if taken, torcetrapib will increase the risk.

Let's hope torcetrapib is never approved, but if it is, please understand, already, ?this is my second public warning to you about it. I was the first one to publicly warn ?against Vioxx over one year before it was approved for use.

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