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The Powerful, Protective, Life-Extending Benefits of Grapes

If my posts about resveratrol haven't convinced you just how powerful this compound really is, perhaps you'll be more attentive now, based on the survival of mice despite being fed high-fat, health-robbing diets.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School and the National Institute of Aging gauged the effects of resveratrol by feeding two groups of middle-aged mice diets in which 60 percent of the calories were derived from fat. Additionally, one group received a high daily dose of resveratrol, larger than any human patient could receive from drinking red wine, not at all a good or safe source.

As expected, both groups of mice put on lots of extra weight, but those given resveratrol lived far longer lives than those surviving on high-fat foods alone, probably because their glucose and insulin levels didn't spike and their livers remained the same normal size as before.

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