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Are All Those Trans Fats at Fast Food Restaurants Really Going Away?

In the latest case of "monkey see, monkey do" among fast-food restaurant chains, Burger King announced plans to start testing trans-fat free cooking options at its 7,700 U.S. locations, probably prompted by Kentucky Fried Chicken's earlier decision to make the switch.

After working privately on trans fat-free alternatives for two years, claims BK's president of its North American stores, the company should be rolling out its "safer" cooking strategies at some locations within 90 days.

However, you know what's happens when we take the word of a multi-national corporation, or a federal health agency, for granted? They always find a way to let us down...

An chemical analysis of French fries bought at a Wendy's location in Westchester County, N.Y., showed a much higher amount of trans fats -- five times greater on average -- than the 0.5 grams the fast-food company originally promised, according to Consumer Reports.

Folks, accept the fact you'll never get back your health by eating at fast food restaurants, and you're just that much closer to improving it. If you really want to be healthier, you need to spend some serious time in the kitchen preparing your own food. Believe me, it's not easy, but it can be done.

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