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Flu Vaccines Offer No Protection For The Elderly

Researchers from Italy and the United States have, once again, reached the same conclusion previous studies I've posted have, that vaccines don't do anything to lessen the number of older folks who die from the flu.

In a comparison of monthly death rates from 1970-2001, researchers found no change in the mortality rate of seniors, even after stepped up efforts to vaccinate this specific age group after the late 1980s. Interestingly, even the researchers who compiled the numbers had to conclude there was a need for better trials with alternative vaccination strategies.

Just a reminder, the numbers the CDC uses the justify the "killer" flu are merely a ruse to scare patients into further injuring their health by taking vaccines that do nothing for their overall health. Fact is, the few flu-related deaths occur because patients are already sick and have compromised immune systems.

The best means to protect your body -- young or old -- naturally and safely from the flu involves following seven important guidelines to keep your immune system strong.

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