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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Related to Childhood Trauma and Stress

I have long stated that chronic fatigue and its commoncousin chemical sensitivity syndromes are related to emotional challengesincurred in early childhood typically below the age of five.  Now twomajor studies have been published that support this view.  Clearly thereare other factors that cause it to be triggered in later life as not everyonewith childhood trauma develops these problems.


That really is good news though as there are incrediblytools that help resolve this. I have had enormous success with patients withenergy psychology tools like EFT (LINK) as it typically can very effectivelyaddress these issues very quickly.

Traumatic events, stress and negative emotions, even in childhood, may contribute mightily to the development of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), just as they do to your overall physical health, according to a pair of new studies.

In one study, researchers compared the physical and mental health of 43 CFS patients with 60 healthy individuals. Among the many assessments, both groups were questioned about five kinds of trauma they experienced in childhood. No surprise, CFS patients had higher trauma scores than those without it. Exposure to traumatic events multiplied a patient's risk of succumbing to CFS as much as eightfold.

A second study evaluated the incidence of CFS among some 19,000 Swedish twins (some 1,600 patients suffered from it). In two of the analyses performed, emotional instability and stress were connected to CFS. And, in one comparing a CFS patient to his or her twin without it, a stressful life increased a person's risk of the disease by 500 percent.

The best means to treat CFS naturally and without a drug is also the safest: Address the underlying emotions that harm your health by learning the Emotional Freedom Technique.

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