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Beat The Common Cold and Flu With Happiness

Not only can happiness protect your body from stressors that can lead to coronary heart disease, it can boost your immune system's ability to fight off the common cold.

This latest study confirms the results of previous research in which patients exhibiting positive emotions were less vulnerable when exposed to the cold virus than those who weren't happy, calm or lively. And, when patients did catch a cold, they experienced fewer symptoms.

No surprise, this newest study that singled out the effect of happiness, apart from other characteristics associated with other specific positive emotions, namely optimism, self-esteem and purpose, came to the very same conclusion, regardless of a patient's age, race, gender or body mass index, when they were exposed to the cold or flu virus.

These results may seem superficially trivial to you, but protecting your health from colds and the flu is an important issue, particularly if it means avoiding a possibly harmful drug you don't need. Manifesting positive emotions and happiness are only one of several natural ways to strengthen your immune system.

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