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FDA Slaps Bausch & Lomb For Hiding International Eye Fungus Problems

The FDA issued a warning letter to Bausch & Lomb last week for failing to warn the agency and American consumers that its contact lens cleaner ReNu with MoistureLoc had been responsible for 35 reports of fungal eye infections in Singapore and Hong Kong, even before reports surfaced in the United States.

Although the FDA found no evidence linking company practices to the fungal eye outbreak, the letter cites a number of operating concerns they described as systemic that probably led to all the problems. Bausch & Lomb and the CDC agreed the problems with MoistureLoc had to do with the product's "unique properties" in addition to how it interacted with the eye fungus, contact lens cases and contact lenses themselves.

What's more, an alarming 60 percent of the 164 confirmed patients who suffered from Fusarium keratitis used Bausch & Lomb's ReNu with MoistureLoc, according to a CDC report.

Although Bausch & Lomb says its regulatory problems should be corrected by next spring, do you want to take a chance your eyesight could be harmed, if not by a fungus, then corneal staining? If you're antsy about contacts and glasses aren't an option, you may want to consider the Secrets of Regaining Your Vision Naturally Program, that taught me the important visual habits that restored my own eyesight.

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