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How Binge Eating Worsens The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity

Considering how blind parents can be to the growing epidemic of childhood obesity in their own homes, it's not at all surprising to learn kids who eat in binges still feel hungry a short time later.

Researchers compared the food intake and post-meal satiety of 60 overweight children, including 10 with a history of binge-eating. When kids were offered a lunch buffet that allowed them to eat all they wanted, the same 10 children with binging problems ate as much as 600 additional calories and wanted to eat again about an hour sooner than their fellow patients.

Clearly, children are motivated to overeat for lots of reasons, and just as many reside in the emotional realm as in the physical one. Like adults, kids can turn to eating when they're bored, stressed and lonely.

It's hard for kids to become lonely and bored, however, if they have parents who take better responsibility of their children's health, both physical and mental. Some steps you can take today in your own home to make your child's transition to better health an easier one:

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