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Is The Price of the Iraq War Really Worth It?

At the very same time the cost of health care has skyrocketed for businesses and employees without an end in sight in America, so has the fiscal and human toll of the ongoing war in Iraq, no matter how you stand politically, according to this excellent MSNBC piece.

Depending on what study you're reading at the time, the amount of money being spent in Iraq ranges from $255 million a day to more than $7 BILLION per month, with a final price tag expected to exceed $1 TRILLION.

What's more, any final total must include all the harm done to the Iraqi people, a seemingly incalculable task considering more than 750,000 innocent civilians who have died there.

Let's hope the drain on our country's human and fiscal capitol can be stanched somewhat with yesterday's departure of Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld, the former chairman of Gilead Sciences, the developers of Tamiflu that profited mightily from the imaginary bird flu pandemic.