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Sugary Drinks and Foods Add Significantly to Your Pancreatic Cancer Risks

Seems conventional medicine is finally starting to catch on to the cancer-causing effects of sugar, this time in relation to pancreatic cancer, among the most fatal of them all.

This connection emerged as part of an eight-year dietary survey of some 80,000 healthy patients that ended last year. During that time, 131 patients had developed pancreatic cancer, and the excessive presence of sugar in their diets had elevated their risks substantially. The sugary foods that increased a patient's risk of pancreatic cancer, by the numbers:

  • Creamed fruit (a food resembling runny jam) = 50 percent
  • Adding sugar to coffee at least five times a day = 70 percent
  • Drinking fruit or soft drinks at least twice a day or more = 90 percent

No wonder, the cancer/sugar connection is a strong one: Cancer unseated heart disease last year as the number one killer of Americans alongside the epidemic of obesity that's spreading throughout the world. Moreover, diabetes, a disease that goes hand-in-hand with obesity, doubles a patient's pancreatic cancer risks

That said, the number of deaths associated with pancreatic cancer is small (32,000 annually in the United States), but the diagnosis is almost always fatal. Nevertheless, nothing could be easier and better for your health in so many ways than to cut out sugary sweet drinks and that extra sugar in your morning coffee.

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