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Blood Pressure Readings: Which Number is More Important?

It may not be a stretch to learn, some scientists believe systolic blood pressure (the higher or top of the two numbers) may be the key issue in predicting a heart failure patient's mortality risks. A new study appearing in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association argues heart failure patients with lower systolic blood pressures have a greater risk of death than those with higher readings.

Based on a review of some 49,000 heart failure patients at 259 American hospitals, mortality rates were more than four times higher among heart failure patients with systolic blood pressures under 120, indicating a more advanced stage of the disease and a grimmer prognosis.

Perhaps, this news will make conventional medicine rethink their approach to heart failure patients, regardless what their systolic blood pressure says. The most important take-home message here for you: Take better care of your health to normalize your blood pressure and protecting your heart. Here's five ways to optimize your blood pressure safely, effectively and without a drug:

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