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Don't Treat Your Child's Ears With Antibiotics

Besides harming their permanent teeth, the presence of viruses are another important reason not to fall back on antibiotics to treat your child's ear infections.

Using a variety of techniques on the pathogens known to cause ear infections on 79 young patients, scientists found bacteria and viruses were present in two-thirds of the cases, a logical result since acute otitis media is almost always connected to viral respiratory infections, the lead researcher said.

And, overprescribing antibiotics -- especially in the presence of a virus -- doesn't do your child, or his or her ears, any good either. I'm certainly not opposed to their use in every circumstance, just to the reliance on them in situations where they are obviously of little or no use. In my experience that is well over 95 percent of the time.

Some simple dietary methods to remedy ear infections: Switch your child from pasteurized to raw milk as well as eliminate processed sugars and wheat products. And, for some quick relief late at night, try these effective methods described in an article written by Dr. Colleen Huber last year.

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