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CDC Makes Another Health-Harming Pitch For Flu Vaccines

Yesterday, CDC director Dr. Julie Gerberding made one more familiar plea to Americans to be vaccinated for the flu, as the agency did last year. Gerberding's specific concern this time: The fear manufacturers may not produce nearly enough vaccines in coming years.

An outrageous amount of vaccines are being prepared for the flu season to come -- 110 million doses -- that beats the previous record of 95 million four years ago. By the way, during that same 2002-03 flu season, 12 million vaccines weren't used, prompting one drugmaker to get out of the flu shot business altogether.

At the same time, health officials are taking great pains to diminish or ignore the real risks of flu drugs and vaccines by promoting the week after Thanksgiving (Nov. 27-Dec. 3) as National Influenza Vaccination Week. Of course, they justify their concerns by trotting out erroneous numbers like the estimated annual number of flu deaths (36,000) when the real number for 2002 in America was less than 800.

And, all of it can be blamed on a bunch of greedy drug manufacturers that might lose some spare pocket change and not afford to make more of their toxic brews to poison kids and pregnant women in the future. Fact is, Dr. Gerberding's pleas for Americans to endanger their health by receiving a vaccine just sound more like wrongheaded cheerleading than ever before.

Yahoo News November 13, 2006