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Even Baby Boomers Suffer From Eating Disorders

Considering the trait of perfectionism among many college-age adults is a major contributor to reinforcing their eating disorders, it's no wonder baby boomer women in their 60s (most of them moms, I suspect) are just as unhappy about their body image and do things to harm their health too.

The numbers speak volumes here among the 475 female patients between ages 60-70 polled by Austrian researchers:

  • Some 90 percent felt fat to some extent.
  • More than 60 percent were somewhat dissatisfied with their body image, including a third who maintained a healthy weight.
  • Four percent of the patients were diagnosed with an eating disorder.

Even worse, older women can hide eating disorders fairly easily from their doctors, scientists say, because changes in appetite and weight are common among older adults. That's why addressing the emotional challenges that impair your health are just as important as choosing the right foods.

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